Eye Kandy Glitter
and Glitter Raks
The Ultimate in Eye & Body Glitter!

From children to adults, everyone is catching the glitter craze!
Welcome to Shadiyah's world of
Eye Kandy Glitter & Glitter Raks.
The ultimate in eye and body glitter for everyone looking to
bring extra sparkle into their lives!

Shadiyah is the original East Coast authorized distributor of Eye Kandy Cosmetics
and the custom Glitter Raks line designed by
Rom Deussen.

Eye Kandy Glitter is the latest in break though technology for glitter cosmetics.  
Unlike craft glitters, Eye Kandy Glitter is made of a cosmetic grade glitter
(acrylic polymer) containing no lead, metals or glass to scratch or irritate the
eyes or lips.  The glitter is silicon and latex free, ideal for sensitive skin and safe
for contact lens wearers.  
Eye Kandy Glitter comes in 60 fabulous colors in our basic line and the custom
blended Glitter Raks line has over 16 colors!

For the animal lovers out there, none of the products are tested on animals and
all are made in the USA.

The secret to it's staying power is in the water based adhesive we call Sprinkles
Liquid Sugar. When applying the glitter it's as easy as dipping the brush into
several drops of Liquid Sugar, then into the glitter pod and apply!  
It will stay for hours without sweating or flaking off yet washes off with water &
your favorite makeup remover!

Use the colors as liners, shadows, on the lips, to enhance tattoos, henna
designs, or add it to lotion for an amazing body shimmer!
Each application looks incredible from  daylight to nightlife to the stage. Neutral
colors give you that extra sparkle for the office, then change to bold colors for
evening & your night out on the town.  
It's the perfect "pop" to delight children for face painting, drama for theatre and
performing artists, cheer and dance teams, dance sport, clubbing and more!

Versatility reins and your imagination means the sky's the limit for color
combinations & uses!  Vary the size of the brushes from thick to thin during the
application process and discover dynamic results of your artistic talents!

There are two cuts of glitter in our solid liners.

Superfine - The first, and by far our most popular due to the ease of applying, is
our SF.  The grain size of this glitter is our smallest, ranging in size from a .004 x
.004 to a .006 x .006.  This size of glitter does not offer as much sparkle, so
tends to be less dramatic, but is still brilliant and stunning to wear. It is a great
cut for a day or ‘office’ look and works beautifully as an all over eye shadow
and lip shimmer.

Fine - Our second cut is F. This is our largest grain at .008 x .008. This size
glitter picks up the most light, and, therefore, is definitely the most flashy and
exciting to wear! This size tends to be more popular with the performing crowd.
It shines and sparkles and offers all the ‘bling’ you need! This is a great cut for a
bright, bold and fun look.

Our final glitter selection is our Sugars

Sugars - The Sugars are also a .008 x .008 grain size. However, the sugars are
not solid colors. This type of glitter is a translucent, iridescent plastic grain
which offers a hint of color. The Sugars are very difficult to use as liners and are
actually intended to transform the eyelid or desired area of skin into a glitter.
The Sugars are also incredible for stage performers, but look beautiful and are
fun to wear as an everyday eye shadow and a dynamic body shimmer.
Glitter Wheel by R. Wood
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